Australian Thermographic Services
Australian Thermographic Services
Australian Thermographic Services

Specialising in Prevention and Diagnostics

Thermal imaging is an inspection method which does not require penetration or destruction of the equipment being examined. This is referred to as non-destructive and non-contact testing. It is the study of infrared radiation emitted from a surface.

It is used to check for unseen problems and can be employed in a wide variety of industries, including electrical, mechanical, building, plumbing and air conditioning to detect overheating, pest infestation, chemical leaks, heat loss, water escape or penetration.

A professionally trained and certified thermographer has an understanding of heat transfer principles, infrared theory and the many variables that affect an inspection; such as atmospheric conditions, Delta T, conduction, convection, radiation and, the properties of the materials being inspected.

Only registered “A” Grade Electricians are licensed under Australian Standards and authorised to expose and work on live electrical equipment.

Averstone Pty Ltd was established as an electrical contracting business specialising in commercial and industrial work, including repair, maintenance and installation of electrical components; machinery service, maintenance, breakdown, and fault finding.   

Its principal, Martin White, has 30 years experience in the electrical industry; 15 years specialising in the commercial/industrial field.  His desire to continually improve his knowledge led him to gain qualifications in thermography through successful completion of Infrared Thermography Level 2 Certification and to establish Australian Thermographic Services as a division of Averstone P/L   

Martin is a committee and founding member of Australasian Thermography Association, an associate member
of the Institute of Electrical Inspectors and is involved with working groups at ISO and Australian Standards.
The company has gained a loyal customer base by combining an innate integrity with superior customer service, timely and effective response to client needs.

What to look for in a Thermographer Service

Knowledgeable Thermographer
The main limiting factor in the effectiveness of this technology is the knowledge of the Thermographer.
Certified Thermographer
Always insist on using a Certified Thermographer who adheres to the Codes of Practices for thermography.
Insured Thermographer
Make certain that they are correctly insured